Textilene Brand Fabric®

  Blocks up to 90% of the suns rays 
before they reach your windows

  Keeps your home or office up
to 30% cooler

Saves you literally hundreds of
dollars per year on your electric bill

When only the original will do! 
Textilene® Solar Screen fabric, manufactured by Twitchell, is designed to reduce heat transfer through windows by helping eliminate many of the sun's harmful rays.  Solar Screen fabric not only reduces the heat, but plays an important role in glare reduction and provides daytime privacy.

Solar Screens never directly contact the surface of the glass, allowing screens to stop heat before it reaches the glass.

All Textilene® Solar Screen material is a woven PVC coated polyester yarn that is formulated to withstand solar abuse! 

Protection from Sunrise to Sunset!
Protect your furnishings from harmful UV rays.
Protection from prying eyes...provides daytime privacy.
Protection from pesky insects!
Durable, practical alternative to regular screen material.

Other Textilene Solar Screen benefits:
Accentuates the beauty of a home.
Lowers utility costs.
Easily removed to permit window cleaning.
Blocks the sun...not the view.
Flame resistant.

Textilene® Solar Screen Fabric
is available in two percentages:

* Textilene® 80, which blocks up to
80% of the sun's rays.
* Textilene® 90, which blocks up to
90% of the sun's rays.

Textilene Works Hard
to Dramatically
Lower Heat In Your Home!


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